Ramarley Graham’s Mother

This post is inspired by Ramarley Graham’s mother Constance Malcolm.

People never give up!

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you cannot do something! If there is a deep need or desire welling in the pit of your belly and you must let it out, let it out! If I listened to people’s opinions I wouldn’t be here today writing this blog. My soul screamed out that I needed to talk. I needed someone to listen. I needed to educated myself on race and racism, and anyone else who wanted to listen to my perceptions and thoughts. I live in a society predominated by global White supremacy, and while I am blessed to have a diverse group of friends in race and religion, most of them are of European descent. When I talk about race and inequality people clam up, people ignore me, and people outright oppose my need to express myself on these topics. Yes I feel fear, but I can’t let it stop me. I continuously remind myself of why I am doing this, and if you don’t understand then you don’t have to listen.

Ramarley Graham’s mother Constance Malcolm is torn from her own soul, because her child is dead and she is in pain and she is angry. I read in the paper this morning that the judge in the Ramarley Graham’s case threw out the indictment on the cop that murdered her son. She was ready to take her fight to the street and protest if necessary, but her family was opposed to her doing it. Frank Graham, Ramarley Graham’s father, might be opposed to taking it to the street, but he is not opposed to fighting for his son, for justice, and to put the cold murder in prison.

Why do people give up the fight so easily? Why are people so opposed to step out of their comfort zone and making a scene?  This is just life after all, and unless you believe in reincarnation you only have one life.  Why sit on the sidelines? We all need to jump in and either sink or swim, but if you don’t jump in you will never feel the cool waters of success on your skin. You will never have the satisfaction that you did it, and that you didn’t give up.

I am a mother, and I can feel the pain inside me, I can feel her loss, and I know that she isn’t going to give up. She will fight, and I won’t be on the sidelines just watching. I will be there in soul, and I will do my part from where I am, signing petitions and advocating that her son’s murderer Richard Haste will be held responsible.

How could Richard Haste think that a teenage boy had a gun? The article didn’t mention what happened before he chased this kid into his own home and shot him in cold blood in his bathroom in front of his younger brother and grandmother. There is something fishy with this story. If it looks like fish and smells like fish, then it’s probably a fish.

The United States needs to lose this image that an African-American teenage male is a criminal simply because of the color of his skin. African-American children are just children, and should not automatically assumed to be up to no good. This cop murdered this child. This cop murdered this child, because he thought he had a gun? Why did he think he had a gun, because he is black? Right, all black men carry guns, I forgot this is North America and we have to protect ourselves from cops.



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