Day at the Zoo


I wanted to let you know how our day at the zoo went, and to catch any of you up who haven’t read previous entries in my saga. I am in an interracial relationship, and I am a European-American woman and my boyfriend, lets call him *Marley, is African-American. I have two children who are also European-American.  We have been dating for fourteen months now, but he has never met my children. We have decide to move our relationship  to the next level and have the big introduction, so they can get to know each other.

Picture this: it was a fine spring day, the weather was beautiful, and it was 82 degrees and sunny. This is a day like no other, a day out with my African-American boyfriend and my European-American children. We had to drive one hour to get to the zoo, but first we had to pick up the boys from their fathers house. I thought to myself that this was going to be interesting, but it turned out to be completely uneventful! They boys were exited for the zoo, and they had been looking forward to meeting Marley.  The EX on the other hand was not excited, but he was polite, so that’s really all that matters right now. We piled into the vehicle, and headed to the gas station, to get gas and refreshments. We have now been on the road for close to an hour, it’s lunch time, so we stopped for Mexican food. We had a fun lunch together laughing and joking around. I was so please that our time together was going so smoothly, and i really couldn’t have asked for a better start to this adventure!

We arrived at the zoo in good spirits, and Marley was out to spoil my children, because we hadn’t even payed our entrance fees when he is buying them slushies. I see the love in their eyes already, because who doesn’t like to be spoiled! Slushies, elephants, tigers, multiple species of monkeys and apes then soda and cotton candy. Whew! You would think that we would be ready to crash, but no we went to the playground next and Marley and I sat and watched the boys play while we reflected on the day so far. Then we piled back into the car, but not to head home, we had more fun to be had! We decided to take the boys to the skate park, because my oldest is a skater, and then we got take out for dinner and went home to finally crash!

I expected people to stare, but I really didn’t notice much of it at all. We saw many interracial couples out with their children, and it was quite beautiful if you ask me. Marley and the children had never spent any time together before, and they had only communicated over the phone. My kids have never met a boyfriend of mine before either, so the day could have been a disaster! We had an amazing time, it was awesome, and it went better than we could have ever imagined. Every one was happy through out the whole day, and my kids and Marley really liked each other, and they can’t wait to see and spend more time together! I am truly blessed!

*Marley: I was going to say that I named my boyfriend Marley, because I think that he looks like one of Bob Marley’s children, but this would not be true. He doesn’t look anything like any of the Marley children, except for the fact that he has long Locs, and he is way more beautiful. He doesn’t smoke pot, he rides a bike, he likes to kayak, and he plays the bass.  I choose the name Marley, because Bob Marley was biracial, and I felt it was symbolic of our interracial love.   


Cheerios and an Interracial Couple

I love this commercial! It depicts a beautiful young family, and a little girl who loves her daddy. This family just happens to be Interracial, and apparently there are thousands of people out there who have a problem with that. Cheerios has made an insightful commercial that represents real families out there, and I give them a standing ovation for realizing this, and for showing the world that we need positive representation too.  Unfortunately they had to shut down the comment section of their YouTube post due to racial slurs, and a out cry of disgust for a White woman and her Black husband making a beautiful child together. Biracial children are the fastest growing population in the United States today, and here is an article stating that there were about 4.2 million biracial children in America in 2011. Interracial families aren’t going anywhere, and we are able to have a happy and healthy family too. African American men have faced serious opposition from ignorant White folks for too many generations, but because of this they are some of the strongest men out there. These men also make great husbands and fathers, so I disagree with all of the people who claim that African American men just make babies and disappear; in the words of president Obama “that simply is not true.”


I found this article today and wanted to share it with you all, because it states that “According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of people reporting that they are of two or more races reached 9 million during the 2010 U.S. census, a 32 percent increase from 2000 to 2010.”

Love and Interracial Relationships

Erykah Badu and Stephen Marley – I am so In Love with You.

This post is for my baby, because I know that he is with me even when he is far away.

I have decided to talk about my personal journey through my relationship, because what is a blog about race and racism if i don’t look at the experiences and learning opportunities that an interracial relationship has brought me and will continuously bring me.

I have known this man for eighteen years. We dated and fell in love when I was only nineteen, and he was twenty nine. We were very much in love then, and we had plans to get married. I was living in his home town at the time, and his family loved me, and welcomed me with open arms. Unfortunately I was too young, and to make a long story short we broke up. Then life happened, I got married, I gave birth to two little punk rock kids, and then I got divorced. One beautiful day we happened to wander into each other on the internet, and sparks flew immediately. It was like no time had passed at all for us, time stood still, and we were still in love.  The internet is a magical place.

I grew up in a racist home, much like many European-American children then and still today. My family did not approve, but I can’t say that this had anything to do with why we broke up.  I will say that I do see a future of blogs with me exploring and sharing this rocky aspect of our relationship. He is fully aware of the fact that my parents are racist, because I took him home to meet them when I was nineteen, and he is still willing to be with me having this knowledge. My family knows we that are dating again, but they live 3000 miles away from me, and so the realty of this relationship hasn’t quite become real for them yet.

My children are the only two people whose opinions I care about on the details of this relationship. They know that he is African-American. They have talked to him on the phone, and they have seen his pictures around the house. I have even been blessed with another opportunity to teach them about negative stereotypes. My boyfriend has Locks, much like Stephen Marley’s, and he does not grow pot, he does not smoke pot, and he does not sell pot. While I am on the subject of stereotypes I will also add that he is not Jamaican or a Rastafarian. He is not a thug, and he has never been in prison. He doesn’t have any children, and he grew up with both parents in the home. He is working towards his goals of becoming an architect.  He loves the outdoors, and he loves to hike, camp, and kayak.  If any one is wondering, yes he washes his hair and no you cannot touch it.

I made it abundantly clear to everyone that I wouldn’t introduce my children to any boyfriends before dating them for at least six months, and we have been dating for about thirteen months now. We have decided to take this relationship to the next level, and introduce the boys to him. This Monday will be our first outing out  together, and we have decided to go to the zoo.

Wish us luck, and we will embrace the stares.