Petition for Assata Shakur

Please sign this Petition to remove Assata Shakur off of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists list.

Assata Shakur is the first woman to be put on the FBI’s most wanted terrorists list. The facts are that this is a 40 year old case. She was wrongly and falsely accused. A white police officer shot her and killed her two companions in 1973, a police officer also died… I don’t have all of the details. I do know that she was also shot, and during her stay in the hospital she was tied to a bed an tortured. She was accused of shooting them all and put in prison.She was sentenced to a men’s prison. She is innocent, and the police records prove it. She had her hands in the air, and no gun powder was found on her hands. With the help of a few friends she was able to escape prison, and has been living in exile in Cuba ever since.

Does our government have nothing better to do than harass this innocent woman?

In light of this information I have decided to add Assata An Autobiography to my summer reading list.